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NAME: Manuel
AGE: 21
JOURNAL: bwhahahabeck
PLURK: boostergold

CHARACTER NAME: Daimon Hellstrom, Son of Satan
SERIES: Marvel 616
CHRONOLOGY: End of Journey Into Mystery #636
CLASS: Anti-Hero

BACKGROUND: Daimon Hellstrom’s father is Marduk Kurios, one of the top tier demons with a section of Hell to call his own. He is also among the demons clamoring to claim the title of ‘Satan’ which Marduk Kurios is able to convince many topsiders of. According to the diary of Daimon's mother (Victoria), Marduk Kurios takes on a human form and seduces her. They marry and live in an estate by Fireside Lake in Massachusetts. Victoria gives birth to Daimon and three years later, Satana follows. Everything is normal until she catches Satana and Marduk Kurios performing a sacrificial ritual using the house cat. Marduk Kurios reveals his true identity to Victoria resulting in her being incarcerated in a mental institution. She leaves behind a diary of these events for Daimon to find later in life. Meanwhile, with no father or mother, Daimon (now nine years old) and Satana are sent to different orphanages.

Except it's all a lie.

Years later, Daimon would discover that his mother was actually part of a Satanic cult and she was being groomed to be the mother to Satan's heir. This process would eventually drive her mad. What she writes in that diary is fictional, but for years, Daimon thinks it is the truth. Throughout his adolescence, he visits his mother in the mental institution. She gives him a charm to wear at all times in order to protect him from his father. Eventually, she dies.

At eighteen, Daimon joins a monastery and spends three years there, studying the Bible and eventually on his way to being ordained as a priest. On his twenty first birthday, he receives a letter to claim his inheritance. Returning to his family home, he finds his mother’s diary and is shocked to learn of his demonic heritage and what his father truly is. At that moment, a disembodied voice belonging to Marduk Kurios persuades Daimon to remove his charm, making himself vulnerable to his father’s power. He is taken to Hell where he is given a choice to join his father or fight against him. Daimon decides to fight and in the struggle, he steals his father’s trident and flaming chariot drawn by the horses Hecate, Amon, and Set.

From that moment, he dedicates his life to the occult, specializing in magic and exorcisms. However, having had his charm removed and his identity revealed, his demonic side takes over at night. This leaves him more aggressive and merciless and it is up to his human subconscious to control his urges throughout the night.

His first case brings him to an (Apache) Indian reservation in Arizona to expel a demon possessing Linda Littletree. When he arrives, Linda Littletree--otherwise known as Witch Woman--has already escaped in order to capture the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze for her master, Marduk Kurios (Satan!). At night, the demonic Daimon is on the Witch Woman’s trail in order to find his father. His searching takes him to Hell where Marduk Kurios has Johnny Blaze as his prisoner and the limp body of Linda Littletree (now free of demonic possession). To spite his father, he rescues Johnny Blaze and Linda Littletree and escorts them out of Hell. He abandons them in the desert to fend for themselves.

Dr. Katherine Reynolds, a parapsychologist and professor, calls Daimon Hellstrom to check out one of the buildings on the college campus she works at. She exclaims the building is haunted and requires Daimon’s services. Following a showdown with an ice demon and his minions haunting the building, Daimon returns to his hotel where he promptly falls asleep and has a nightmare. His father continues to harass Daimon about his demonic ancestry, attempting to play games with his head. Dr. Reynolds’s arrival at his room stirs him awake. As he lets her inside, he catches his reflection and notices the pentagram on his chest inverted. Asking the date, he discovers it’s February 2—his birthday. A disembodied voice belonging to his father exclaims that his two souls have merged, with both demon and human sides fighting against each other.

Distraught, he still agrees to help Dr. Reynolds when she suspects some of her students are in the cult after hearing about her lecture on Satanism in class. With her, she also brings divinity student and prospective priest Byron Hyatt who is distrustful of Daimon’s credibility. On the way to the meeting, Daimon explains it is Candlemas (his birthday), a Roman Catholic holiday adopted by Satanism. He breaks up a satanic ritual only to have his father show up in the form of Bephomet. Bephomet attempts to drag Daimon back into Hell, but is thwarted by Daimon’s magic and exorcisms.

Months pass by in silence and Daimon continues to stay in St. Louis, growing closer to Dr. Katherine Reynolds yet not pursuing anything beyond friendship. Silence doesn’t last as the occult follows him, involving him in rudimentary exorcisms and the persistent anti-demonic Legion of Nihilists. Dr. Reynolds and Byron Hyatt join him on his adventures as he takes them to Atlantis to conjure with ancient sorceress Zhered-Na and prevent a modern doomsday from occurring. All the while, he works hard to suppress his demonic side.

Dr. Reynolds calls on him again when she fears one of her students is being targeted by a fortune teller. Arriving at the fortune teller’s business, Daimon partakes in an accurate tarot reading which infuriates him. Offending the fortune teller, she curses Daimon to literally experience the imagery in the cards. Daimon fights with illusion and reality as he is taken across the city by demonic monsters and nearly killed by the Legion of Nihilists. When finally knocked unconscious by the constant attacks, he fights a battle within his mind and learns his demonic side is blocking him from seeking out the fortune teller plaguing his thoughts. Struggling with the demons within, he fights through until he finally catches the fortune teller on his own grounds—a church. The fortune teller finally reveals herself to be Satana Hellstrom, Daimon’s long lost sister and apparently practitioner of the dark arts. With a kiss, Satana separates Daimon’s demonic soul from his human one and forces the two to battle it out for control. Daimon comes to the realization, one soul cannot rule over the other and barters with his demonic side that they must unite into a whole person. Defeated, Satana disappears (for now).

Daimon Hellstrom wishes to leave St. Louis and his friends behind, afraid of becoming too comfortable and too close. However, he has unfinished business with the Legion of Nihilists. Driven to shut them down, he crosses path with their leader, Father Darklyte who controls magic through his lantern. Father Darklyte displays his power as he kills Katherine Reynolds and promptly resurrects her again in another, identical body before leaving. Daimon destroys the empty dead body mch to the resurrected Dr. Reynolds’s horror. However, Daimon has other things on his mind (and doesn’t care for tact). He leaves his traumatized friends to pursue Father Darklyte into his lair where the Legion of Nihilists are gathered. They attack him as Father Darklyte conjures a demon disguised as an angel, provoking Daimon’s demonic side. Demonic Daimon lashes out, killing all the Nihilists (save for one) within the cave. Cue inner turmoil.

After a year of staying in St. Louis, Daimon has enough and leaves. After saying goodbye to a heartbroken Dr. Reynolds, he heads for Los Angeles to help an old friend save his daughter from a Satanic cult. He is tricked into believing Satana is behind the recent murders tied to the Satanic cult and supposedly loses his control, killing her with his magic. When he returns to his temporary living quarters, he discovers his friend's daughter--Gloria Hefford--to be possessed by Kthara, mother of demons. Kthara binds him, aiming for a kill when Satana (alive!) breaks down the door. Together, Satana and Daimon defeat Kthara's 'children'. With the power of the basilisk, emerging from her soul, Satana banishes Kthara back to Hell. The fight over, she shuns Daimon for the 'good' path he follows and leaves him, lonelier than ever.

Back home, a power hungry man known as the Possessor is after Daimon’s Darksoul and power in order to overrun Hell. He burns down Daimon’s mansion by Fireside Lake. In a rage, Marduk Kurios seals the dimensional gates to Hell and Daimon does his part by exorcising his father’s influence from the mansion rubble, making it fit for sale.

The Possessor is able to capture Daimon in Arizona, merging Daimon with himself and possessing his power. The Possessor travels to Hell and challenges Marduk Kurios and his forces to battle. However, Daimon wins by destroying the Possessor from within, channeling his Darksoul through to drive the Possessor mad. Marduk Kurios lets his son go as his forces have been weakened and he must rethink a strategy to destroy his son once and for all.

Daimon takes his business to Georgetown University in Washington D.C. seeking out a position as head professor of the parapsychology department. There, he meets Seripha Thames (a professor and wicca practitioner) and Amelia Sefton (student researcher). Together they solve the supernatural forces that have followed Daimon onto campus. In the process, Daimon grows closer to Seripha, feeling a deep supernatural connection with her.

Daimon first teams up with the Defenders while he’s still living in St. Louis. The Hulk has been kidnapped by demonic forces led by Asmodeus. Dr. Strange summons Daimon to aid them in breaking the Hulk out of Hell which they succeed in.

He joins forces with them again when the Sons of Serpents capture Dr. Strange and his teammates (Valkyrie, Yellowjacket, and Nighthawk). Daimon, along with Luke Cage and Daredevil, are summoned by the sorceress, Clea to aid her and the Hulk in rescuing the heroes. They are split up with Luke Cage and Daimon succeeding in rescuing Dr. Strange, Yellowjacket, and Nighthawk. With everyone safe, they cleanse the Sons of Serpents base.

After that, Daimon is not summoned until he has moved to Georgetown University to pursue teaching. Dr. Strange calls on him again to aid the Defenders in saving the multiverse at the behest of Eternity who has misplaced three human constructs of itself. Dr. Strange divides the heroes into teams, leaving Daimon with his future wife and lover Patsy Walker (Hellcat). Daimon immediately senses a darkness has taken hold of Patsy. They bond over the tragedies in their lives with Daimon feeling like he can easily open up to Patsy. Their bonding does not last long as they are attacked, but eventually they rejoin the others in struggling to convince the human constructs to rejoin Eternity.

Following this mission, Daimon is officially considered a member of the Defenders and hangs around Dr. Strange’s home along with the others. His next big story arc comes when Patsy is kidnapped by a gargoyle. Daimon is enraged, blaming himself for not acting faster as he had been warned back in Georgetown that a cult known as the Six Fingered Hand would be coming for them. Daimon tracks down the demons that took Patsy, but is too late as the Defenders discover she has been possessed by the demon Avarrish. Patsy appears to break the hold of the demon and Daimon goes to comfort her. Meanwhile, the gargoyle (Isaac Christians) is distraught at being abandoned by Avarrish and begs the Defenders to spare him and let him help them in their cause.

Patsy and Daimon discover that her late mother (Dorothy) may be behind the Six Fingered Hand. They convene at the mother’s grave where Daimon learns more about Patsy’s life and her abusive mother. They delve deeper and discover Dorothy had made a pact with Avarrish on her deathbed--if the possession of Patsy had been complete, Dorothy would have been resurrected into a youthful woman.

As Dr. Strange attempts to track down the Six Fingered Hand, Daimon and Patsy spend more time together. With Isaac Christians in tow, they visit Patsy’s dying friend. Fearful of intimacy, Daimon tries not to let himself grow closer to Patsy yet he heals her dying friend, permitting her a slow recovery.

The Defenders are onto the Six Fingered Hand, being lured across the world by demonic forces. Patsy’s indifference at the misfortune of those around them leads Dr. Strange to believe a piece of Avarrish’s soul is still inside her. She disappears when Dr. Strange leads the Defenders into the dimension the Six Fingered Hand is residing in. There they discover it is Daimon’s father, Marduk Kurios, (and his brothers: Thog, Satannish, and Mephisto) who is behind all this and is plotting to unleash Hell on Earth. Marduk Kurios further attempts to confuse Daimon by claiming that Patsy is actually his demonic sister and he should be ashamed for his romantic feelings for her. As Marduk Kurios banishes the other Defenders, giving them a laughing chance to defeat them, he keeps Daimon around to further torment him and admitting his love for Patsy.

The Defenders fight their way back to Marduk Kurios’s court, but it is Daimon who challenges his father one-on-one. Dr. Strange aids by channeling the strength of the Defenders into Daimon. It is still not enough to defeat Marduk Kurios, but he shows mercy on Daimon, discovering he cannot kill his own son. He agrees to back off, but Daimon--broken down--agrees to go with his father back to Hell on the condition that he leave the Defenders and Earth alone. Marduk Kurios agrees and also relinquishes control over Patsy (who is not his daughter after all).

For months, Marduk Kurios attempts to torture the humanity out of Daimon while simultaneously teaching the dark arts and Hell’s secrets. However, Daimon’s will is too great and he rejects his father’s aim to purge him of humanity. To his surprise, his father lets him go (because he loves him, aw), but not without erasing what Daimon had learned in Hell. Daimon is transported back to Dr. Strange’s sanctum where he is greeted by Dr. Strange, Reed Richards, and Hank McCoy (who is attempting to cure his love, Vera). In his first good act in months, Daimon revives and heals Vera with magic.

Feeling a renewed sense of goodness in him, Daimon attempts to build back a life back in Georgetown University, but is called away once again on Defenders business. The Defenders’ numbers are dwindling with Nighthawk’s death, Valkyrie’s assent to Asgard, Clea dumping Dr. Strange, and Patsy off to find her father. When Patsy returns, she happily reunites with Daimon and the two run off to become reacquainted, catching up on what has been missed. Patsy reveals she could not admit her love for Daimon until she could take care of her own demons--finding her father--but even after returning, she’s unsure. Daimon, having exposed all his vulnerabilities to Patsy, leaves angry and crying.

He returns to Georgetown University (again) only to discover a demon has taken over his identity, as if he never left the university. This imposter has gone on to marry Seripha, with a child on the way. Daimon is enraged and exposes the demon, but Seripha has known all along of her husband’s true identity. The demon vows to take another form, so he can live in peace and Daimon leaves (stirred by his love for Patsy and once again feeling alone).

He journeys back to his old monastery to seek help from his teacher, Raymond Gosset (an abbot), but trouble follows Daimon as the monastery is attacked by the Miracle Man, a man seduced by dark arts. Patsy, psychically sensing Daimon was in danger, rounds up the Defenders to find him and help. The Miracle Man succeeds in consuming Daimon’s Darksoul. Daimon bargains with his Darksoul, to take it back and pursue the path of evil, but Patsy intervenes, psychically banishing Daimon’s Darksoul to another host. The Miracle Man is reduced to just a normal man, shamed and promising a monastic life.

Together again, Daimon and Patsy finally realize their love for each other and decide to elope. They move to California where they become occult private investigators. Every now and then they aid the Defenders and West Coast Avengers on their missions.

Daimon is dying without his Darksoul. Despite Patsy’s love for him intensifying with the waning of his birthmark and demonic powers, she cannot see him die. Desperate, Patsy calls on Dr. Strange to aid her husband. Dr. Strange explains that without Daimon’s Darksoul, he is unbalanced and there is nothing he can do. Instead of giving up, Patsy turns to one of the books in Daimon’s collection--the Grimorium Verum--which has the power to summon demons. She summons Marduk Kurios and makes a deal to restore Daimon’s Darksoul, but the true face of Daimon’s demonic half is enough to drive Patsy into a catatonic state. Unable to shake her out of it, Daimon locks her in a room and goes out to exorcise, drink, and sleep with other women. He adopts a reckless personality and lifestyle, shedding himself of his old identity and calling himself ‘Hellstorm’.

He still continues to operate his occult investigations business out of San Francisco and owns two mansions--the estate in San Francisco is a gateway through Hell to the rebuilt Hellstrom mansion in Fire Lake, Massachusetts. Isaac Christians, the gargoyle from the Defenders, lives with the Hellstroms to aid Patsy and serve Daimon. Daimon is reunited with old friends and teammates such as Dr. Strange and Seripha Thames. He aids Seripha Thames in exposing her demon husband of using Daimon’s face and name to run a satanic cult. Dr. Strange also visits, with questions of what had happened to Patsy, but Daimon pushes these people away, more morose than ever.

He spends more time going through Hell, questioning the validity of God and Satan. On one of his jobs, he escorts lost innocent souls from Hell to Mount Qar--the top of which reaches the bottom of Heaven. A spiral of light extends upward containing millions of converging souls. There, he witnesses his lost souls merge in with the rest, losing their identity and individuality in the process. This angers Daimon even more as he realizes Heaven is as much a lie as Hell. He tries to storm the gates of Heaven only to be catapulted back into Hell. In Hell, he is greeted by his father pretending to be another damned soul. He sheds more of his knowledge on Hell, explaining its disorder and chaos and shaking any illusions Daimon might have had about divine judgment.

Not one to take his father’s shit sitting down, Daimon spends the next few months back on Earth researching his father and discovering his true name from a woman calling herself Lavoisin (in exchange for this information, he impregnates her). By uttering his father’s true name--Marduk Kurios--he destroys him and takes temporary hold over his father’s slice of Hell. Along the way, he crosses paths with occult terrorist Jaine Cutter--a woman fighting against Heaven and Hell for personal autonomy. They begin a fast paced intimate relationship and rule Hell together. Meanwhile, unable to withstand it anymore, Patsy gains a moment of clarity and kills herself with the aid of Deathurge, anthropomorphic creature of self-destruction.

Bliss doesn’t last as Marduk Kurios is reincarnated on Earth through Lavoisin. Jaine Cutter also walks out on Daimon, sick of Hell's politics. Daimon doesn't bother to go after her.

Daimon manipulates Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts to go down to Hell and rescue Patsy Walker from Mephisto. At first, Daimon shuns her. When forced to work with her in insuring Dormammu does not take over the other realms of Hell, she's convinced Satannish is his father--and not Marduk Kurios--which makes Dormammu his grandfather; all of which is established to help Dormammu take over Hell (using Satannish and Daimon as fail safes). Daimon perpetuates this lie and acts aggressive toward her which pushes Mephisto to protect Patsy and permit her to return home. It's later revealed, Daimon was purposefully pushing her away, hoping for her to have a better life without him.

As per Tony Stark's 50 States Initiative, he rejoins the Defenders under the command of Kyle Richmond AKA Nighthawk. This team is later disbanded by H.A.M.M.E.R. as led by Norman Osborn.

Following that, he joins the Midnight Sons led by Michael Morbius. They are under control of A.R.M.O.R. (Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response) and are assigned in preventing an inter dimensional zombie invasion. They track down the zombies Simon Garth and Deadpool('s head) who have escaped from quarantine to Taino, an island in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Dormammu has temporarily left the Hood (Parker Robbins, a villain born of Norman Osborn's Dark Reign) to possess teammate Jennifer Kale (witch) and is counting on spreading the zombie virus worldwide. The Hood teams up with the Midnight Sons to stop the invasion. Daimon exorcises Dormammu from Jennifer and she uses her magic to contain the spread of the virus on Taino. With the invasion at bay, Dormammu takes the Hood and they leave.

Daimon takes up residence in New Orleans where the Eye of Agamotto is looking for the new Sorcerer Supreme (a title Daimon covets). He helps the New Avengers, including Dr. Strange and the chosen Sorcerer Supreme Brother Voodoo, in stopping the Dormammu from taking the Eye of Agamotto. They successfully exorcise Dormammu, forcing him to leave the Hood for good.

Nightmare possesses Daimon, using him as a pawn to fight Brother Voodoo. Daniel, the spirit of Brother Voodoo's brother, overcomes the possession and takes control of Daimon's body. Daniel leaves Daimon again, to join Brother Voodoo in defeating Nightmare.

A few months after exorcising Dormammu, Daimon is involved with the Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch as well as with Jaine Cutter in preventing the angel Zadkiel from taking over the Earth.

Daimon tries to reconnect with Patsy repeatedly, deciding he wants her back and worries for her safety throughout Civil War and Dark Reign. When Patsy publishes a tell all book, Daimon is pissed he's not included. He makes a deal--he'll cure Angelica Jones's (Firestar) cancer if Patsy will spend one night in his realm with him. Patsy makes a counter deal--release her from Hell and she'll reveal she's not over him when her book is rereleased (on paperback). Daimon accepts, but reveals that Angie's cancer might return despite his boost in her physiology.

After Norman Osborn is taken down and Steve Rogers becomes Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. both Daimon and Dr. Strange are possessed by his master Agamotto who is after his Eye. They snap out of it with the aid of the New Avengers (i.e. Wolverine's claws). Together they channel their magic and strength into defeating Agamotto, but it is Brother Voodoo's sacrifice that quenches the threat.

Oh, and he helps Wolverine get his soul back from Hell among other things.

The Chaos War (an event tied in with Hercules and the Greek Pantheon) has Daimon and his father's realm fall to the Chaos King. He becomes part of the 'God Squad', a group comprised of other powerful beings, to battle against the Chaos King.

Following Fear Itself, Nightmare has been picking up the pieces of the Serpent King’s power and has been collecting ‘fear’ from people across the world, killing them in the process. One of those afflicted is Loki, now taking on the shape of a young boy. Daimon comes across Loki and Leah (Hel’s apprentice) and assists them in defeating Nightmare (as he was already traveling around the world, exorcising the demons that have been placed by Nightmare). Daimon updates us on his life, telling the kids he relinquished his control over Hell to his all-grown-up father, but in exchange acquired a small section where he can banish and torture evil demons for eternity.

PERSONALITY: Daimon is a textbook example of nature vs. nurture. Despite growing up with half a demonic soul, the premature death of his mother and the disappearance of his father--he decides to pursue religion. He is dedicated enough to want to become a priest at a young age after having spent years living in a secluded monastery. He only puts a stop to his studies once he receives his inheritance and learn about his mother and father--with his belief in God still strong, he makes a conscious decision to fight against his father and his subjects.

This starts off decades of Daimon battling with his faith as well as with duality. Once learning he is part demon, there is a constant struggle to figure out whether he can be a truly good man or if he should give up and succumb to his father’s expectations. This takes a toll on his life and daily activities and relationships. He does not let himself grow close to many people, preferring to keep them at arm’s length. Partially it is to protect them, but it is also to protect Daimon who fears disappointing his loved ones and losing control of his demonic side. When he allowed himself to fall in love with Patsy, it was not without his own misgivings about whether he should let himself have this one good thing. It was also a test in how well he could keep his own aggression and negativity in check. It is only until his Darksoul is removed that Patsy agrees to be with him, adding fuel to the fire that it is his demonic soul that is preventing him from experiencing happiness and a normal human life.

His own religious beliefs actually wane as he immerses himself in the supernatural. His faith in God is constantly put to the test and each time he distrusts God even more. His view of Heaven in Prince of Lies angers him to the point of not trusting either Heaven or Hell (yet ultimately preferring to deal with Hell’s politics as he was disbarred from Heaven). Despite growing up to be a man of faith ready to take an eternal vow to the church, his religion turns its back on him and his experiences shake his own belief system until the only thing he can really believe and rely on is himself.

He is extremely self-loathing despite his brazen exterior. During Prince of Lies, he suffers a mental breakdown in the form of being extremely careless with his life while also pushing people further and further away. There are a few moments in which we really see how he views himself--as someone who screwed up, as someone who doesn’t deserve love, as someone who is constantly apologizing and blaming himself for what happened to Patsy. Even after Patsy is resurrected and slowly heals from her time in Hell, he blames himself and worries and goes back and forth between wanting to pursue her and leave her be.

This can put him as a disadvantage as he has poor social skills. As I’ve said, he pushes people away when he believes they don’t need him/are better off without him. Daimon can have a hard time also knowing when to back off or when to pursue. He constantly harasses Patsy and never bothers to go after Jaine. He’s impatient, he doesn’t like to waste time, and he thinks most people are idiots. He also uses people for his own means. He manipulates Hawkeye to go to Hell and rescue Patsy, making him believe he was taking Bobbi instead. Hell has certainly given Daimon some bad habits of treating people like pawns when necessary. It’s not that he doesn’t care as he does devote his life to exorcisms and fighting evil in order to protect the good, but he can be selfish and will use people in order to carry out selfish desires.

He channels a lot of his internal struggles into aggression. Daimon has a hard time controlling his anger. He develops a dirty mouth and violent habits from his constant battles with society and Hell. Part of it is also his Darksoul--whereas previously he would only succumb to his Darksoul at night, since its merging he has become more aggressive and violent and rude. It takes a lot of self-control to ‘reign in’ his demonic side. The angrier he gets, the more distorted his appearance is.

He condemns Heaven as he condemns Hell. He condemns himself. He condemns others. And yet he fights for them. Daimon is a walking contradiction and he knows it.

1. With possession of a Darksoul (his half-demon soul), Daimon can channel his magic into Hellfire. It is described as the "physical manifestation of Daimon's Darksoul". It can burn, heal, exorcise demons or transport him to different locations--basically, it's a fancy word for demon magic which often takes the form of fire. His demon soul also means he can 'demon out' (as in his appearance can be more demonic depending on how feisty he's feeling) and sense other supernatural entities (notably, demonic).

COMMUNITY POST (VOICE) SAMPLE: [For a second, it’s just fire until a pair of red eyes and white sharp teeth come into focus. Whoever this is, he looks like the devil ready to smite some mortals. When he speaks, it’s an angry growl.]

Is this it? Is this all you’ve got? A machine? Why don’t you show your face, you half-brained coward.

You think you can fuck with the SON OF SATAN? The Son of Satan?! I’m not here to play your games, asshole. Show yourself before I start firing up this whole city, you son of a--

[The flames flicker as something comes over him.]’s not possible. How are they--

FUCK you AND your fucking magic. You think you can hide Hell from me? I am Hell, baby.I will find you and I will light your ass on fire so hot you’ll be smelling burnt flesh for the rest of your fucking life.

[The flames recede, revealing a man with pointy ears and sharp teeth and amber eyes. A pentagram is flashing hot on his chest.]

Glad we had this talk.

LOGS POST (PROSE) SAMPLE: Despite being a native New Englander, there was something about the summer out West and down South that didn't match up to up North with its unpredictable currents and wet mixed with cold weather. It was the blistering dry heat with little wind and the sun shining bright that appealed to him instead. Daimon enjoyed traveling to the Midwest; California was better just for its population and never ending supply of fashionable Satanist recruits fucking up the job and needing an exorcist on hand. New Orleans was just as good, but that came more with humidity hanging in the air and the sound of cicadas and people shouting Creole outside his window throughout the night.

Then there was the City which felt more like New York and he liked to avoid New York as much as possible back in his own dimension (the “right” dimension). The warm weather just made the garbage packed up on the sides of the street stink up more. He could smell sewage underneath his feet and hot dogs around the corner. The City had its own smell as most cities did, but it was closer to New York and again--he didn’t like going to New York.

But he wasn’t given a choice, was he?

A restless resignation came over him. Daimon was behaving himself...mostly (unless he wanted one of the big super teams on his ass).

This dimension did not feel right. There were too many capes congregated around the same area, shooting powers and magic and worst of all settling. Back home (again, thinking about home where everything had an order and made more sense than this) super heroes tended to stay together any ways either on the West Coast or down the street from each other in New York City, but the spacing here felt so much more chaotic. It was humming in the air, as heavy as the heat and getting under his skin.

He didn’t have a connection to Hell either. He wasn’t sure if that should be adding to his suspicions or alleviating them.

Daimon had grown so used to that other world, that place that pulled him back as soon as he tried to break away. He was born into Hell royalty and you tended to stay that way until you died, but here...he couldn’t connect back to Hell, even this dimension’s Hell. His Darksoul still burned and his trident still manifested itself, but Hell was out of reach and with it, the big hitters like Satannish and Marduk Kurios.

He should have been celebrating, being pulled into a world where Hell could not reach him, but it was fucking up with the natural order of things. There should always be a Hell, kept separated from his Earth, but he hadn’t met a demon yet. If he had, he had a feeling they wouldn’t be connected either.

It was too convenient...just like this City with people popping in and out, some with powers and some lost, everyone from different worlds filling up the same place.

Daimon cut into a convenience store blasting air conditioning and softly playing terrible pop music. All the name brands on candy bars and deoderant were slightly different, off one letter or something else entirely. He half expected the water here to be black instead of clear, but the bottles in the fridges were clear as day and cold to the touch. He had a bit of that was given to him by whoever was in charge (Daimon wasn’t exactly sure, didn’t really trust things at face value any ways).

He had half a mind to attack the Porter when he was first pulled in, but attacking the device that teleported you into another dimension might not be so smart if you needed to use it later.

Plus she was very persuasive (at least, he assumed it was a she).

The clerk behind the counter looked up from his magazine flashing the latest in celebrity (ie super hero) gossip. Some things never changed such as the rousing suspicion folks got when they looked at Daimon clad only in pants and an open coat, pentagram on his chest exposed and scarred over. He was sure they’d be shitting themselves if he was the Hulk instead, but something could be said about a walking cliche of devilry. He often used it to his advantage, but not when buying water (usually).

It was paid for with mild fuss. Outside, it was still blaring hot--one of those days in New England when the weather decided to say ‘fuck it’ and go to the extremes. He sat on the curb, bottle in one hand while the other hovered over the sidewalk gravel radiating blissful heat.

No Hell, no fuss. He should be happy about that. It was even a beautiful day out even if some of the people walking by on the street looked like they were going to pass out.

Should be happy.

“Tch.” He drank the water.